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SMAC Track
East-West All-Star Invitational
 Track Meet


May 2nd, 2015

Milford Stadium 
(at Milford Junior High School)

5735 Pleasant Hill Road
Milford, Ohio 45150


Important Pre-Registration Information for 5-8...Click Here

*Please note...the SMAC East/West Meet will use a different meet format for the 7th-8th grade meet.  Please read and be aware of those differences by clicking on the above link and reading all the pre-registration instructions.

**In addition to pre-registration that is required for grades 5-8, all coaches/coordinators for K-8 are now required to pay in advance of the season starting for all their athletes for each meet they will be participating in.   For more information about this new CTCYO Track League rule change, please go here.

SMAC Meet Schedule

Gr. K-2 

8:30am      All Events Start

Gr. 3-4 

11:00am    All Events Start

For K-4, girls will compete in running events first while boys compete in the field events. When the girls running events are completed, the boys will take the track.  Limit 3 events per athlete.
Stickers: - K-4, all athletes must wear a sticker on their shirt for their field event(s).

Gr. 5-6

2:00pm     Girls High Jump and Girls Shot Put; Boys Discus and Boys Long Jump
3:00pm     Girls Discus and Girls Long Jump; Boys High Jump and Boys Shot Put
4:00pm     Running Events Start, Girls/Boys Concurrently

Grade 7-8

4:00pm     Girls High Jump and Girls Shot Put; Boys Discus and Boys Long Jump
5:00pm     Girls Discus and Girls Long Jump; Boys High Jump and Boys Shot Put
6:00pm     Girls and boys 100 Meter Prelims, all seeded and unseeded heats
6:15pm** 100 Meter Dash, Pentathlon heats only

For 5th-8th grade divisions, girls’ and boys’ track events will run concurrently. For example, girls will run 100M prelims, then the boys will run the 100M prelims. Limit 3 events per athlete. 
Stickers: - 5-8, stickers will be used for participants in the 800m and 1500/1600m events and will be provided during staging for those events. We should not need stickers for any other events, but you may want to still use them as a reminder for event placement for your athletes.

All running events take priority.  Coaches, please instruct your athletes waiting to compete in a field event to listen for the running events and to report out with the field event clerk by the second call of their running event.  They must return to the field event immediately following their race.  All field events should be finished (with maybe the exception of high jump) by the time the 4x800 all-star relay begins. 

**Note: For the 7-8 meet, the start times is approximate.  If there are any delays resulting from an earlier meet that morning, we will start the next meet as soon as possible following the completion of the earlier meet.

Event Order

Grades 1-2  Grades 3-4  Grades 5-6  Grades 7-8 
50 M Dash  800 M Relay  100 M Dash Prelims ** 100 M Dash Prelims**
75 M Dash  50 M Dash  800 M Relay  100 M Dash Finals Pentathlon
100 M Dash  75 M Dash  75 M Dash Prelims ** 4x200 M Relay 
200 M Dash  100 M Dash  400 M Relay  1600 M Run 
400 M Relay  200 M Dash  400 M Dash ** 4x100 M Relay 
Long Jump  400 M Dash  100 M Dash Finals  400 M Dash Pentathlon
Softball Throw  400 M Relay  800 M Run  400 M Dash**
   Long Jump  75 M Dash Finals  100 M Dash Finals 
   Softball Throw  200 M Dash ** 800 M Run 
   High Jump  1600 M Relay  200 M Dash **
   Shot Put  Discus  1500 M Run Pentathlon
      Long Jump  4x400 M Relay 
      High Jump  Discus 
      Shot Put  Long Jump 
         High Jump 
         Shot Put 
         Shot Put Pentathlon 
Long Jump Pentathlon 

*The 4x800m All-Star Relay and the 4x100m Throwers Relay are SMAC East-West Meet traditions. The Throwers Relay will be considered an exhibition event.  An athlete’s participation in either event will not count as one of their maximum three events. Coaches – please contact the Meet Directors with the names/team of athletes interested in competing on the 4x800m All-Star Relay team (we will have athletes from different schools running together as an East or West team).  For the 4x100 Throwers Relay, please complete the Easy Sport on-line registration, and use the number (Div 2) 4x100 relay for this event.  For more information on registering for these two events, click here.

**For the 75M (5-6 only), 100M, 200M, and 400M events for both the 5-6 and 7-8 grade meets, there will restrictions in place to prevent more then two individuals from each team (two boys/two girls) to be registered for those specific events.   This is being done as an attempt improve both accuracy of the results and the speed of the meets.  Coaches will need to decide which two individuals to register as they will placed into seeded and scoring heats.   All other individuals to participate in these specific events will get randomly placed into lanes right before that event to compete in non-seeded/scoring "Blue Ribbon Heats".   The winner of each "Blue Ribbon Heat" will get special recognition along with a blue ribbon.    


Also a East/West Meet tradition, SMAC will again be hosting a Pentathlon event for 7th-8th grade girls and boys to identify the most exceptional athletes in youth track and field for the Cincinnati area.  Please note that this will be the only series of events this athlete will be allowed to be part of in this meet. Participating athletes will compete in two field events: the shot put and long jump, and three running events: the 100, 400, and 1500. Competitors should complete their field events with the rest of the athletes (when the field venues open for everyone), but they will be marked separately. We will run special stand alone heats for the competitors in the 100, 400 and 1500. (Coaches, please make sure you properly identify each athlete to compete in this event by registering them in Easy Sport using the number "(2) events" for the five events that make up the Pentathlon.  For more registration information for this event, click here.) The 100 heats will be the first event of the evening, and the 400 heats will be run at their normal place in the meet before the open 400. We will run the 1500 before the final event of the 4x400 relay.

Pentathlon Scoring is now done using the official IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federations) Tables as used for Pentathlon, Heptathlon and Decathlon Events in International Track and Field Meets. (April 2004 Edition)

Points will be assigned to each individual per event based on performance in that particular event using the tables on the following pages found here (coaches, download this table if you wish to score the Pentathlon yourself during the meet). The individual with the most points overall will be declared the winner. In the event of a tie score between two individuals, the tie-break will go to the winner of the head-to-head of the five events. 

Scoring example for a Girls Pentathlon:

The above example uses formula calculations, so the time/distance calculated from the spreadsheet may not match exactly with the corresponding table result from the following pages, but it will be very close. Off by a point in some cases.

Also note, the table for shot put is listed in meters and requires an English (inches) to Metric (meters) conversion of .0254. In the example above, 23’6” converts to approximately 7.17 meters. 

In addition, the table for long jump is listed in meters and requires an English (inches) to Metric (meters) conversion of .0254. In the example above, 14’6.5” converts to approximately 4.43 meters.

There are two sets of tables, one each for boys and girls. Please be sure to use the appropriate tables for your calculations if you intend to do self-scoring.

As the example above shows, this individual earned 786 points from her performance in the 100 Meter Dash, 489 for the 400, 332 for the 1500, 412 for Long Jump, and 346 in Shot Put for a grand total of 2365 points. If her point total is higher then all other individuals competing in the Pentathlon, she would be declared the champion. Boys are scored the same way, again using the tables for men and not women. 

In recognition of this extra effort, we will give a special award the boy and girl with the most points. 




Gr. K-4: Heat ribbons for all participants for each event.

Gr. 5-8: Medals for 1st,2nd and 3rd place, ribbons for 4th - 6th place - boys and girls

Gr. 5-8: Trophies for most outstanding athlete of the meet (as voted on by the meet directors) – boys and girls

Gr. 7-8: Trophies for Pentathlon champion – boy and girl & special awards for 2-3 places


Scored as a dual meet. (No individual team scoring). 5 points for first, 3 for second, 1 for third for all individual events. 5 points for first only for relays. Pentathlon scoring also included in final team scores using 10, 8, 6, 4, 2, 1 based individual final places in that event.

Note: In Gr. 5-8, teams may enter an unlimited number of athletes per event, but only the top two can qualify to win awards. For relays, teams can also enter an unlimited number of relays, but only the top relay team is eligible for awards. 

New to 2011, teams may only register up to two individuals (two boys, two girls) for the 75M (5-6 only), 100M, 200M, and 400M events.   EasySport will not permit you to run more then two.  For any/all unregistered individuals, they will still be permitted to run in those events, but will do so in an non-seeded/scored and non-recorded heat following the seeded heats.   The first place finisher of each of those heats will get special recognition with a Blue Ribbon.  

Also note to Coaches, for these non-seeded/scored and non-recorded heats, you will be responsible for timing your own athletes.   The timers will make an effort to give athletes a verbal time at the finish line, but it may not happen.  





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