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Last Updated 03/15/2015 02:10 PM

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SMAC Track
East-West All-Star Invitational
 Track Meet

May 2nd, 2015

Milford Stadium 
(at Milford Junior High School)

5735 Pleasant Hill Road
Milford, Ohio 45150


In Grades 5th-8th, all teams/athletes must be pre-registered in order to compete, with all the events he/she will participate in (up to 3 events per individual, exceptions do apply for Pentathlon and all-star/throwers relay events only). To pre-register for this meet, please see the general instructions on the CTCYO Track League website for properly using the Easy Sport On-line Registration process.  New starting in 2011 for this meet, there are some events (75,100,200,400) for which you will only be able to register two individuals per team (two boys, two girls).  The unregistered individuals will still get to participate in those events, but will do so in non-seeded/scoring and unrecorded heats.

Registration for both the 5-6 and 7-8 grade meets should be completed by 9pm on April 30, 2015.

However, the SMAC East/West Meet format is different from the standard CTCYO Track League meet format for the 7-8 grade meet only (5-6 grade can skip these special instructions), so please be sure to note these registration differences outlined below:

  1. Go to the EasySport Website. (recommend using the Firefox Browser)

  2. First select "Coach" from the list of choices at the top, then select "7-8 SMAC East-West Invite @ Milford HS" meet.

  3. Login to Easy Sport using your registered email address and password for your team, then select "Click Here to Continue".

  4. Select "Enter Athletes in Meet".

  5. Select your Grade Level as "Grade 7&8"
    for the 7-8 grade meet, and click "Choose this Grade".

  6. Select an individual athlete using "Enter/Edit"

  7. Begin choosing events for that individual athlete, but please note the (1) or (2) next to each event.  For all regular/standard track events use the (1) events; for all special events such as those for the Pentathlon and Throwers 4x100 Relay, use the (2) events.  This is a significant difference from the standard CTCYO meet registrations, and using the incorrect "division" will place your athlete in an incorrect event. Refer to this page for more details.  Please double check your entries!  

  8. Click "Another Athlete" to save entries for that individual.

  9. Repeat with step six until all athletes are registered.

  10. For additional instructions on how to register individuals/athletes for the Pentathlon, 4x100 Throwers Relay, and/or the 4x800 All-Star Relay, click here.

  11. Click "Finished" when registration is done.

  12. Select "Meet Entries Report" for a copy of your team's entries/registration.  Please print and review and correct any mistakes.

  13. When all is verified and/or corrected, select "Finalize Entries"

  14. Select "Logout"

Failure to properly/completely pre-register your team/athletes on-time could result in disqualification of team/athletes; or team/athletes competing in exhibition only for any/all events (meaning ineligible for any/all team/individual scoring/awards). 

Once the pre-registration is completed, all coaches/coordinators should check back to this website (at Meet Entries on the left) for final verification to ensure proper entry for their team/athletes in the various events.  All corrections must be reported to the Meet Directors by 9pm Friday May 1st.

Only scratches and relay substitutions will be permitted after the above deadline or during the meet.

Coaches/coordinators are now required to pay for all their athletes (for each meet they are  participating) prior to the start of the CTCYO Track League Schedule.   Please see the CTCYO Track League website here for the required payment form.   

Please refer all questions comments to the Meet Directors by clicking here.






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